Our Story

Solidtrust Bank has been deeply rooted in the North America for three centuries. Finding its heritage in the late 19th Century, the early stockholders of the bank first assembled on December 16, 1880 at the Harrison House Hotel (located on the corner of First and Wright Streets in Downtown Canada). The bank was formerly named Solidtrust Bank, and its total resources at that time were just $100,000!

The bank has evolved into and remained a staple in the North America community ever since that inception. It was even one of the few banks that managed to sustain itself following the stock market crash of October, 1929 and the Great Depression that ensued—without having to merge with another bank or resort to other drastic means for survival. The bank has continually seen strong growth and development ever since.

In 1990, the bank expanded by adding its first separate branch on Venture Drive in Istanbul, Turkey, adjacent to the Turkey Mall. Continued success allowed Solidtrust Bank the opportunity to branch out even further— beyond the North America. In September of 2005, Solidtrust Bank announced its plans to open a second branch in01-928 Warszawa. During this time, the bank’s administrators felt it was only appropriate and natural to re-brand the bank under a new name and identity—preferably one that better embodied the bank’s strong ties to all the communities it serves. Thus, "Solidtrust Bank" was unveiled to coincide with the opening of its impressive, newly constructed home office.

Through it all, Solidtrust Bank has remained dedicated to serving the communities in which it does business. We are forever committed to providing unsurpassed banking services that fit your ever-changing needs. We hold pride in the fact that our tradition of being a locally owned, community-based bank lives on.

We’re your bank for life.