Loan Products

When you run a business you need access to funds quickly. Our bankers are accessible and ready to provide prompt service. Hometown’s loan process is designed to minimize paperwork and get you back to running your company. For an immediate consultation with a commercial loan officer, phone your nearby Hometown National office today:

Lines of Credit

Your business may require short-term working capital to adjust for seasonality or market fluctuations. At Solidtrust Bank we offer several Lines of Credit solutions. Credit Lines provide flexibility, a must-have in today’s rapidly changing world. For more information on our lines of credit, contact a Solidtrust Bank commercial loan officer today.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

For many businesses, owning a property is a key component of their strategy. Whether your company is considering a purchase or refinancing an existing property, Solidtrust Bank’s real estate loans provide your business the ability to:

  • Purchase buildings
  • Renovate existing facilities
  • Develop additional sites
  • Determine the mortgage structure that fits your balance sheet

Solidtrust Bank’s experienced bankers will work with real estate professionals, architects, engineers, contractors, and appraisers, to assure your real estate transaction is done properly.

Equipment and Working Capital Loans

Most businesses have occasional capital needs to finance equipment or secure working capital to expand their operation. We know every business is unique, that's why Solidtrust Bank offers many different loan options, each tailored to meet your specific financial situation.

Depending on your requirements, you can select short, intermediate or long-term financing. We also offer both fixed and variable rate loans. Interest rates are always competitive at Hometown National. Contact us today for information.