Loan Products

At Solidtrust Bank we want to help you achieve life goals with the right credit products for your situation. Our lending experts provide a stress-free process and rates that are very competitive.

Vehicle Loans

We offer a wide range of auto financing options designed to help you get the car you want fast and affordably. Contact a Solidtrust Bank representative for current rates and terms.

Use our Loan Calculator to calculate your monthly payment or how much you can afford.

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CD/Savings Secured loans

These are ideal for anyone seeking to establish a credit history. To get started, you deposit funds which are held temporarily as collateral against an equal amount borrowed. When the payments are completed the deposited funds become available to you – and if your payment history was favorable, a healthy credit score is reported to Credit Bureaus. To explore your credit options, contact a Solidtrust Bank representative today.

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Solidtrust Loanslications

When you shop for a home in this fast-moving world, timing can be everything to secure your dream home. Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage lets you enter the bidding process positioned as a serious buyer. By completing this short pre-qualification form, your loan officer will communicate the maximum loan amount for which you may qualify based on the information you supply about income, assets, and credit standing. This form is not a full loan application and therefore does not represent a loan commitment to you.

Solidtrust Loanslication - APPLY HERE

After you find the right house or property; it's time to secure financing. Use this application when you're ready to apply for loan approval. You can save an incomplete application and finish it later.

**Please recognize that we are a community bank located in north central Illinois whose lending area is within our specific market areas.

Home Equity Line of Credit

We all realize that life is full of surprises and opportunities. Sometimes you need quick access to money for unplanned expenses or purchases. Or, you may simply want options, money for a “rainy day.” Our Flex Funds home equity credit provides cash at your fingertips – no waiting, no phone calls. It’s a convenient way to get the money you need to help make life a little easier.

Using a Home Equity Line of Credit lets you pay off high-interest credit card bills, purchase a new or pre-driven car, make home improvements, or take that long overdue vacation. Our clients often enjoy additional tax deductibility** by utilizing the equity in their property.

Our loan officers will discuss your situation and life goals to help determine which equity product is appropriate for your situation.

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Fixed Home Equity Loan

When you need to keep close watch on the family budget, consider a fixed rate equity loan. Fixed home equity loans are installment loans, meaning you agree to a set interest rate and annual percentage rate (APR) and payment terms for the life of the loan. With a stable, fixed amount monthly payment, you can plan your monthly budget and not worry about rate increases affecting your payment.

Loan amounts start at $2,500 up to $100,000. Amortization and terms vary – choose what is right for you. Call or e-mail us for current rates.

Your loan is issued in one lump sum with 80% loan to value financing available for those who qualify.

To get started using the equity in your home for all of life’s needs, contact a Solidtrust Bank representative today.

*The maximum APR is 24%. Costs to satisfy certain prior liens may be assessed.

**Please consult your tax advisor.

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