Bank with us

The switch to Solidtrust Bank is quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Stop using your old checking account. But don’t close it until all outstanding checks have cleared the account and your direct deposits/automatic payments are transferred to your new Solidtrust Bank checking account.
  • Change any Automatic Deposits. Complete the attached Automatic Deposit Change Request Form to inform your employer or other organizations that you have a new Solidtrust Bank account. Fill out the form using your new account number(s).
  • Change any Automatic Payments. If you have any monthly payments automatically deducted from your account (e.g. car loan, insurance premium, utility bills, etc.), fill out the following Automatic Change Request Form to inform these companies of your new account information. Complete one form for each payment.
  • Close your old account(s). Once your checks have cleared and your automatic payments have been changed to your new Solidtrust Bank account, submit the attached Request To Close Account Notice to your former bank to close your account(s).
  • Take advantage of convenient Solidtrust Bank services like Internet Banking, Internet Bill Payment, and eStatements.