Personal Financial Statement

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Business Plan

Use this business plan to get started and to collect and organize information relevant for your business loan request.

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Cover Sheet:

Name of business, name(s) of owners, address, and phone number.

Statement of Purpose:

State the requested amount and purpose of the loan.

Section One: The Business

  1. Description of Business
  2. Product/Service
  3. Market
  4. Location
  5. Competition
  6. Management
  7. Personnel

Section Two: Financial Data

  1. Sources and Applications of Funding
  2. Capital Equipment List
  3. Balance Sheet
  4. Break-Even Analysis
  5. Income Projects (Profit and Loss Summary)
    1. Three-Year Summary
    2. Detail by Quarter for the Three Years
  6. Cash Flow Projections
  7. Historical Financial Reports for Business
    1. Balance Sheet for past three years
    2. Income statements for past three years
    3. Tax returns for past three years

Section Three: Supporting Documents

  • Personal Resume
  • Personal Balance Sheet
  • Copies of Leases
  • Legal Documents
  • Anything else relevant to the request

If there are any questions concerning this form please email us and one of our Commercial Loan Officers will be more than happy to help you.