Investment Management

Investment Management Services

  • Managed Investment Accounts
  • Solidtrust Bank provides money management and advisory services designed to meet your financial goals with you or your institution’s unique circumstances in mind.

    Managed investment accounts combine planning, security search and selection, portfolio management and trade execution services. This valuable advice is bundled together, providing a comprehensive investment management program to our clients. We utilize stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and real estate including farmland.

  • Qualified Retirement Accounts
  • We can also serve clients as an investment manager for IRAs, 401(k) Plans, and Pension Funds. For more information or to arrange an appointment to discuss your situation, please call +17052430873 in Canada or 51 934 38755 in Poland.

Custodial and Recordkeeping

Solidtrust Bank's Investment Management and Trust Department offers the following custodial services for individuals and trustees:

  • Safekeeping of all assets
  • Collection of interest and dividends
  • Distribution pursuant to your direction
  • Periodic statements reflecting all cash transactions
  • Prompt attention to bond calls, maturities, stock splits, stock rights, proxies, exchange offers, mergers and other status changes in securities
  • Payment of bills and taxes as requested

As custodian, we protect your securities against fire, theft, or other hazards, collect matured or called bonds, sell or exercise stock rights on your behalf. We also take care of routine investment chores, providing added peace of mind and security.

What's more, we also collect and remit income monthly or, if you prefer, quarterly and provide you with complete statements of all transactions on a quarterly basis.